Mama of 3 scores stocking stuffers

Y’all my mom always made stocking for all SIX Of the kids, and the dog and her and my dad. There were some serious staples in those that we got every year. Here is what you have to get for those stockings.

1. Chapstick. We always got a few chapsticks. Not just regular but coca cola and Dr pepper and all sorts of funny flavors. Score some for your stocking.

2. Reese’s trees. We always got Reese’s trees always. It was one of my favorite parts of the stocking. Coupon showing here on this one

3. Lottery tickets. We always got a scratch off or two! And she would get the good ones $5 cards and stuff.

4. Hand lotion. Always giving us some sort of hand lotion. This stuff was always awesome.

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