Mama of 3 Gets some Thanksgiving Steals.

Y’all I have two kids born in December and Christmas. I would be broke if I shopped for this stuff at the time I needed it. Instead of waiting I shop ALL YEAR LONG. I shop for shoes and coats in the late spring, I shop for boots in the middle of the summer, I buy Christmas stuff throughout the year and keep it in my Prize closet. Today I am going to share with you some of the AMAZON holiday deals for thanksgiving. Stay tuned for the holiday deals for Advent and Christmas.

This year we are having a smaller Christmas because it looks like my husbands job will be going on strike. So I am relying heavily on my prize closet and being extra resourceful with my money. This year has been hard on everyone and I encourage you to celebrate the season’s many bright spots and shop for thoughtful gifts, festive décor and holiday treats that will delight friends and family.

First lets focus on Thanksgiving

I found the cutest thanksgiving masks on amazon the other day. These are super cute and cheap. We are not getting together for thanksgiving this year but I’m ordering some of these for my family to help keep it festive despite our small crowd.

If you wanna we are something festive try this thanksgiving sweatshirt. Every year I look to find some festive clothing for each holiday so that we have clean nice looking clothes for when company comes. We wont have company but we will look festive still in 2020.

We have 2 Tom turkeys in our yard. We need a third for the newest turkey in our house. This year I Have been looking for deals on the blow up turkeys and I found this one today! Great deal I hope y’all catch it before it is gone. I love this one because it has great lighting.

So we always put up a lot of decorations. We had liked 5 blow ups for Halloween plus lots of lights and a big witch that sits on our porch. The KEY to getting all these decorations up is wearing the kids out outside while you do it. You just pick a day and let the kids play outside while you put them up. The baby too. I was putting away Halloween the other day and the baby was laying on the porch looking all around. You can totally do this with kids! Plus they love the blow ups. Just watch out for the anchor cords!

For those of you with small kids I know this is not PC but I sit my kids in front of the TV on thanksgiving morning because I need to get the cooking DONE. The parade only provides so much excitement. BUT what is really great is holiday themed cartoons. Check this one out:

One last thing this year I was focusing on was a waterproof tablecloth. These help so much with kids spilling stuff all the time. The spills just bead up. I love them. I ought three last time they were on sale this cheap and you should stock up if you want a couple so you can switch them out.

As I find more thanksgiving deals I will add them to this. These are just a few of the hacks I have to keep thanksgiving fun this year. If you have kids Holidays in 2020 have been HARD and I hope that a few of my hacks can help you to get excited for Thanksgiving 2020 and beyond!

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