Mama of 3 gets a Massage in times of Corona Virus

Two days before the virus hit in Ohio my husband I (3 months preg) went out to dinner and a concert. We left the kids with darling MIL and went to get dinner then went to a Steve Aoki Concert. We had little money and I had just rage quit my job but when tickets came available I was quick to say HELL YES lets go. This is our type of music and we were excited to go and do something adult for a change.

The concert was great. Prior to dinner we went and had a couples massage. It was glorious to get out of the house, get a massage, have a dinner uninterrupted and see a concert. We were lucky that we had purchased tickets where we were almost around no other people. No one had on masks, no one was wearing a face shield. It was the last time I was in public without constantly hand sanitizing, masking, and worrying.

Fast Forward several months. My husband carries all his stress, especially from the remote learning, in his back. He carries all of the stress from parenting, from being an only child to a needy single parent, the stress of being married to a crazy person…..all of it… IN HIS BACK AND SHOULDERS. We had been wanting to get him a massage for a log time but were afraid of massage places since they have so many people in and out of their buidlings etc….

Remember the post when I told you Mama of 3 Starts new Job….welllllll at the job the old boss told me that she felt like she had gotten a massage because she knew the job i would be taking over was taken care of by a perfect fit (thank you universe and god). I asked if she knew of anyone who was a massage therapist. She had the perfect recommendation.

I messaged the person and come to find out she does in home visits for massages. She is following lots of social distancing rules and she was available in just 2 weeks for an appointment on a Saturday at our house! This could not have been more perfect. We originally were only looking to get a massage for mike but voila, Mama’s getting a massage too.

My husband has a union strike eminent next month and I’m working as much as
I can but there is a cap on my hours. Two kid birthdays and Christmas next month. Money is getting tighter by the day. BUT Mama is getting a massage.

It was wonderful, luxurious, peaceful, and I felt a super connection to the universe because I did a quick meditation before hand using my insight timer app. Y’all if you can at all swing this by all means get a massage. We gotta take care of ourselves after all because we CANNOT GIVE FROM AN EMPTY CUP! If you are in the greater Cleveland area and want a referral for a great massage therapist please let me know and I will share the contact info.

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