Mama of 3 does energy cleansing every night and the result is amazing!

You have to take a moment at the end of every day and cleanse your spirit and body of the attachments of energy you have picked up throughout the day. We are all energetic beings. We carry energy throughout the day and sometimes other energies will attach to us oor someone else will steal our energy.

Here is a step by step guide to exactly what I do each night to cleans my energy.

  1. I take a shower every night. When I am showering I take a brief moment to be calm, ground myself (feel my fee on the ground and imagine my strength reaching through to the earth). and I also imagine the how water removing all bad energy.
  2. After my shower and the kids are in bed I take a few minutes to meditate just clam the mind.
  3. Then I ask my angels (Usually Arch Angel Michael and Arch Angel Raphael) to come and watch over me and protect me. I have some prayers that I use that I will share in later post.
  4. I ask that all of my energy that was taken by someone else be returned to me and any energy that belongs to others that has attached to me be returned to the rightful owner.
  5. I then imagine a purple flame coming from universal source (high up in the sky) and imagine it washing over me like a wave. This helps to cleanse any bad energy that I might still be experiencing
  6. The last step is to imagine white light the universal source energy light filling my body from my head to my toes down my arms etc and bringing calm and peace to my entire body.

I do this for myself and then I also do the last 3 things for all three kids as well This helps to protect them and calm them before bed. It is not always easy to do and sometimes I don’t have time. But it is so important to be calming the body and cleansing you body of negative energies.

Reach out if you want specific help with this or are interested in talking more on the topic.

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