Mama of 3 Starts a Blog

Hey everyone! I am Natalie. I am a Mama of 3 amazing kids. Right now my kids are all under 5. I had a baby during a pandemic and survived unscathed (other than the lasting scars of pregnancy LOL).

I live in OH, USA and I am here to give you advice on what I’ve learned from being a mom of 3 kids. I am one of 6 kids (all girls)(Irish…catholic….) I am #3 (middle kid) and I have 25 first cousins (pretty much in the middle of that group too). So, I babysat, A LOT and nannied and all of that. I watched so many people raise kids and babies were always around. I thought I knew how parenting would be like. I knew all the answers. I had my first kid and now I know…. I knew nothing! I want to share some of my real experiences and solid advice I have received or come by the hard way!

First lets establish two things:

2 kids + 2 parents = man to man defense, when we added a third kid we went to zone defense- no where near as easy.

I had a therapist that used to tell me she had 2 hands so she had 2 kids… now I have 2 hands and 3 kids…. something doesn’t add up any more.

I have the best husband in the world who cooks, cleans, and helps with the kids A LOT. I am beyond blessed to have him. (He is pretty lucky he is married to a badass b*tch too!). We are a two working parents family and some how we are out here making it all work!

This page will feature lots of resources for y’all. I hope to share products I have found super helpful. Resources I know can help all of us. Information on how I have weathered storms that I know you are all out here facing too! I’m keeping this intro blog short but will have another blog for y’all later today about melatonin and how we got sucked into the darkside!

Today’s advice is to keep a stash of chocolate covered espresso beans in the your cupboard for when you run out of coffee…like we did today!


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